* Clears inside plumbing * Use before draining water * Low foaming Applications:
Normal: Use Jet Clean every 3 months or when the spa is drained and refilled. 1. Remove filter and clean separately using Filter Fresh™ filter cleaner. 2. Before spa is drained, add 1 bottle of Jet Blaster to warm spa water. 3. Turn on pump and run the jets for 15 minutes. (Ensure that filter is not in spa.) 4. Turn pump and jets off and let sit for 1 hour. 5. Turn pump on and run jets and blower for 15 minutes. 6. Drain the spa, hosing off the inside spa walls while draining. 7. Refill the spa according to instructions. Sizes:
16 oz. Tips:
Apply Jet Blaster each time the spa is drained and refilled. Compatible With:
Chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers