Spa Water Care Made Easy

Designed exclusively for use with the Frog @ease Sanitizing System for Swim Spas, the FROG® @ease® SmartChlor® Cartridge provides a smart and consistent release of chlorine over 3-4 weeks. With unique SmartChlor® Technology, this cartridge self-regulates to maintain a steady Free Chlorine level, all while being Cyanuric Acid-free.

Key Features:

  1. SmartChlor® Technology: Utilizes SmartChlor® Technology for self-regulating chlorine release over 3-4 weeks, ensuring a consistent and balanced Free Chlorine level.

  2. Cyanuric Acid-Free: The SmartChlor® Technology in this cartridge is Cyanuric Acid-free, contributing to a more balanced and comfortable spa environment.

  3. Translucent Gray Cartridge: The cartridge is translucent gray, allowing you to see the SmartChlor® inside and monitor its usage.

  4. Flip Indicator: When the FROG® @ease® System flips over, it serves as an indicator that the SmartChlor® Cartridge needs replacement.

  5. Easy Replacement: The cartridge is easy to replace when needed, ensuring continuous and hassle-free spa water care.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the FROG® @ease® SmartChlor® Cartridge for SwimSpas. Enjoy consistently balanced chlorine levels without the worry of Cyanuric Acid, providing a refreshing and enjoyable swim spa experience.



@Ease Smart chlor replacment for up to 3000 gallons

The struggle is over – FROG @ease is here! It’s easy to keep your swim spa clean, clear and ready when you are. FROG @ease kills bacteria 2 ways, uses up to 75% less chlorine* and delivers Fresh Mineral Water® in your swim spa – silky soft water with far less odors. FROG @ease maintains a low level of chlorine at all times and conditions the water for softness. It floats in the swim spa, flips when it needs to be replaced and is fabulously easy.