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Experience Positive Health Benefits with an Infrared Sauna

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Infrared saunas have time and time again proven to provide multiple health benefits. Sessions in your sauna are reinvigorating and healthy – helping you put your best foot forward! Physically, saunas give your body gentle and persistent heat, which helps fade tension, lets our muscles unwind, and more! Additionally, research has shown that there are other health benefits of a sauna which include helping provide deeper sleeps and reducing colds and flus (with regular use!)

And while the list goes on when it comes to sauna health benefits – the most important benefit of a sauna is that it will leave you feeling relaxed, re-invigorated and feeling your absolute best. You will ultimately live a better life by owning an infrared sauna!

Health Benefits of a Sauna


Infrared therapy gives your body an all-natural detoxification. Research shows that you can dispel 20% of toxins in an infrared sauna.

Heart Disease

Another sauna health benefit is that research has shown that infrared saunas thin blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure. Thinner blood vessel walls are associated with a reduced chance of heart attacks and strokes.

Pain Relief

Infrared heat goes deep into the body’s soft tissue, making it a great source of relief of pain as well as improves mobility of joints and muscles.


Research has shown that additional health benefits of a sauna include increased relaxation due to speeding up the metabolic process, increases the number of leukocytes in your blood, and more!

Weight Loss

Infrared sauna health benefits include weight loss, as the heat increases heart rate and speeds up the metabolic rate and cardiac output.