Getaway Overview

San Miguel

Want to enjoy the health and lifestyle benefits of a hot tub, but not looking to occupy your entire backyard? Look no further. You can have the relaxation and therapy of owning a spa in a surprisingly small footprint. The San Miguel 3-person hot tub features 16 relaxing jets and comes as a convenient plug and play model that can be installed indoors or out.

GetawayRelaxingRelaxing in Hot TubHot Tub
Dimensions 69″ x 79″ x 32″
(176 cm x 201 cm x 82 cm)
Gallons 180
(680 L)
Jets 17
(Stainless Steel Jets)
Seating Capacity 3

Shell Options

Standard Shell Colors

Sea Salt color
Sea Salt
Teakwood color
Sand Dune color
Sand Dune

Model Specifications

Dimensions: 69″ x 79″ x 32″
(176 cm x 201 cm x 82 cm)
Seats: Seats 3 Adults
Spa Jets: 17 Stainless Steel Jets
Pumps: Single Pump
Water Capacity: 180 gallons (680 L)
Dry Weight: 510 lbs (254 kg)
Full Weight: 2,015 lbs (914 kg)
Electrical Requirement: 120 Volts w/GFCI
Water Filtration: EcoPur® Charge with Ozone System
Cabinet: DuraMaster Espresso
Comfort & Convenience: 1 Pillow

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